AWeber review

Here’s the deal: AWeber has a good chance of coming back, but at this moment, I wouldn’t recommend AWeber.
Editor’s note: We updated this information on February 10, 2023.

AWeber review: 1-minute summary

Do I recommend using AWeber for your email marketing? The short and generalized answer is no.

AWeber has many great features, so I’m not saying it’s an overall bad product or that my opinion cannot change when it adds/improves on its product. 

Note that you might love AWeber if you’re looking for a specific feature. Not everyone has the same needs and wants.

In my view, looking at all its features, AWeber doesn’t stand out. 

  • It isn’t the cheapest
  • It doesn’t offer the best free plan
  • It isn’t the most user-friendly
  • It doesn’t provide the best user-interface design
  • It isn’t the best for complete beginners
  • It doesn’t offer the best ecommerce functionalities
  • It doesn’t provide the best/extensive email automation functionalities

Yes, AWeber has some fantastic features, like its landing page builder, delivery by timezone for automated emails, its already subscribed page, custom segments, etc. However, I base my recommendation on the big picture, which means that AWeber can still be an excellent product for your needs.

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AWeber tutorial

Would you like to see AWeber in action? You can watch my free AWeber tutorial on YouTube.

AWeber review: Pricing

  • AWeber is not the cheapest email marketing software
  • Easy way to cancel your paid AWeber subscription online

Compare prices

  • Use the below’s spreadsheet to compare AWeber’s prices with its competitors
  • Below prices are annual prices, including any discounts for purchasing yearly
  • I didn’t take into account non-profit or student discounts
MailerLite Growing Business$10$15$25$25$25$39$39$39$59$59$59$73$109$139$139$289
MailerLite Advanced$20$30$40$40$40$50$50$50$80$80$80$110$150$180$180$340$440$820$1,200$1,900
ConvertKit Creator$29$29$49$49$49$49$79$79$99$99$99$119$149$179$179$379$679$1,279$1,879
ConvertKit Creator Pro$59$59$79$79$79$79$111$111$139$139$139$167$209$251$251$519$879$1,579$2,179
Zoho Standard$4$7$17$17$17$18$24$31$35$38$41$49$61$74$74$138$242
Zoho Professional$6$12$29$29$29$30$40$52$58$63$69$81$101$123$123$230$403$748$1,035$1,380
Sender Standard$19$19$19$19$19$33$33$33$57$57$57$57$87$107$107$227$367$697
Sender Professional$35$35$35$35$35$60$60$60$120$120$120$120$200$250$250$460$860$1,660
Constant Contact Lite$12$30$50$50$50$80$80$80$120$120$120$120$180$230$230$430
Constant Contact Standard$35$55$75$75$75$110$110$110$160$160$160$160$210$260$260$460
Constant Contact Premium$80$110$150$150$150$200$200$200$275$275$275$275$325$375$375$575
ActiveCampaign Marketing Lite$39$39$61$61$61$99$99$99$174$174$174$174$286$286$286$486
ActiveCampaign Marketing Plus$70$70$125$125$125$186$186$186$287$287$287$287$474$474$474$699
ActiveCampaign Marketing Professional$187$187$187$187$187$262$262$262$424$424$424$424$686$686$686$1,011
ActiveCampaign Bundles Plus$116$116$171$171$171$232$232$232$333$333$333$333$520$520$520$745
ActiveCampaign Bundles Professional$482$482$482$482$482$557$557$557$719$719$719$719$981$981$981$1,306
GetResponse Email Marketing$19$19$29$29$29$54$54$54$79$79$79$79$174$174$174$299$539
GetResponse Marketing Automation$59$59$69$69$69$95$95$95$114$114$114$114$215$215$215$359$599
GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing$119$119$139$139$139$169$169$169$199$199$199$199$299$299$299$444$699
Mailchimp Essentials$27$45$45$75$75$110$110$110$180$180$180$180$230$270$270
Mailchimp Standard$20$45$45$60$60$100$100$100$135$135$135$135$230$285$285$450$800
Mailchimp Premium$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$465$535$535$815$1,025$1,600
AWeber Lite$15$25$25$25$25$45$45$45$65$65$65$65$145$145$145$388$788
AWeber Plus$30$40$40$40$40$60$60$60$80$80$80$80$160$160$160$403$803
AWeber Unlimited$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899
Klaviyo Email$20$30$45$60$60$70$100$100$130$150$150$150$350$375$375$720$1,380$2,070
Klaviyo Email & SMS$35$45$60$75$75$85$115$115$145$165$165$165$365$390$390$735$1,395$2,085
Beehiiv Launch$0$0$0$0$0
Beehiiv Grow$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49
Beehiiv Scale$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99
HubSpot Marketing Hub - Starter$20$20$40$40$60$60$78$96$112$128$144$176$256$336$336$816$1,616
HubSpot Marketing Hub - Professional$890$890$890$890$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,390$1,390$1,640$1,890$1,890$3,190
HubSpot Marketing Hub - Enterprise$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,700$3,700$3,700$4,000$4,450$5,250$5,950$7,350$8,550$9,750
Moosend Pro$9$16$24$24$32$32$48$48$64$64$64$88$160$160$160$315$624$1,216$1,808$2,896$4,080$5,840

Click here for a full-width version if you’re on a laptop or PC.

Different plans

  1. Free (forever free)
  2. Lite (starting from $14.99/mo – no free trial available) 
  3. Plus (starting from $29.99/mo – no free trial available)
  4. Unlimited (custom pricing)

AWeber Lite review

  • AWeber Lite is its first paid plan
  • Cannot remove branding (!)
  • Limited automation features
  • Maximum 25,000 subscribers
Maximum monthly emailsUnlimited
Email automation🤔 (Only 3 campaigns)
Maximum subscribers25,000
Maximum forms/pop-upsUnlimited
Maximum landing pages3
Can add custom domain✔️
Remove branding
Sales / click tracking
Email templates🤔 (Only access to basic templates)
Support✔️ (Phone, chat, and email)
Send email to custom segments1 custom segment

The bottom line is that this is one of the worst paid plans I’ve come across. For starters, this plan is $200 to $700 more expensive annually than MailerLite (MailerLite review) (a cheaper alternative), and we cannot even remove AWeber’s logo from our newsletters and landing pages. Like, come on. 

Also, the limitations on the maximum number of subscribers, limited automation campaigns, sales, and click tracking make the AWeber Lite plan something I would avoid.

AWeber Plus review

The difference between the Plus plan and the Lite plan is that all the limitations of the Lite plan are gone except the maximum number of subscribers. You cannot have more than 25,000 subscribers. If you have more than 25,000 subscribers, you must contact AWeber for pricing information, i.e., it’s probably another nice price bump.

AWeber doesn’t necessarily offer a big difference in user experience compared to MailerLite (MailerLite review) (a cheaper alternative). Moreover, it also doesn’t offer way more or better features than MailerLite, but it asks a much higher price for its product. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend AWeber.

AWeber discount

  • The annual discount rapidly reduces when you gain more subscribers to as small as a couple percent when you have up to 25,000 subscribers
  • 3 months AWeber for free for non-profit organizations. After that, you’ll receive a 25% discount. For more information, see this page.
  • AWeber offers a 20% discount for students. For more information, see this page.

AWeber offers monthly and annual plans. They write: save up to 33% on an annual plan on their website. Although this is a good deal, it doesn’t last long because the annual discount rapidly reduces if you gain more subscribers. When you have up to 25,000 subscribers, the discount for choosing the annual plan is only a few percent and, therefore, not worth it, in my opinion. So they don’t clearly state this on their website, which is a bit sneaky.

The number of contacts (subscribed vs unsubscribed)

When you visit AWeber’s pricing page, it shows you how much it costs when having X subscribers. However, they don’t tell you that if contact X unsubscribes from your list, contact X still counts towards your grant total number of subscribers. In other words, according to AWeber, if you have 2,000 subscribers and 600 unsubscribers, you have a total of 2,600 contacts/subscribers on your email list.

What is more, the only way to find out about this is when you become a paid AWeber customer. It doesn’t publicly share this information on the website. I’m not a big fan of these tactics; I like transparency.

The only way to help you prevent paying for unsubscribed people on the list is the remove them entirely from your account. The issue with this is that it’ll screw up your analytics because now you can’t see how many people unsubscribed from certain emails. 

All-in-all, I’m not a fan of this.

AWeber review: Free plan

  • Maximum 500 subscribers
  • Maximum 3,000 emails monthly
  • Maximum 1 list
  • Can’t send an email to a custom segment

Does AWeber offer the best free plan compared to its competitors? The short answer is no. The longer answer can be found here, where we compare the best free email marketing tools.

Forever free plan✔️
Maximum monthly emails3,000
Email automation1 campaign
Maximum subscribers500
Maximum forms/pop-upsUnlimited
Maximum landing pages1
Can add custom domain
Remove branding
Deliver free ebook✔️
Drag & drop newsletter builder✔️
Email support✔️
Phone support
Chat support✔️
Create a websiteYes, with the landing pages
Maximum trafficUnlimited template✔️
Multiple users1
Facebook custom audiences
Email design templatesBasic templates
HTML newsletter✔️
Email A/B testing
Send email to custom segments

AWeber review: Email Marketing Functionalities

  • HTML editor available
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop email builder available
  • 100+ email templates available in the paid plan
  • User-friendly way to create and send email newsletters
  • Supports AMP emails (more info about AMP here)

Subscriber limit / Maximum subscribers

  • Maximum 500 subscribers on the free plan
  • Maximum 25,000 subscribers on the Lite and Plus plan
  • The price for more than 25,000 subscribers isn’t visible on its website, i.e., we need to contact support

Maximum number of monthly email sends

  • Maximum 3,000 monthly emails on the free plan
  • Unlimited monthly emails on the paid plans

List profiles

  • 1 list on the free & Lite plan
  • Unlimited lists on the Plus plan

Usually, you don’t need more than 1 list. The only instance when you should create more than 1 list is when you have a B2B and B2C side to your business. That way, you can separate the messaging for those two audiences. Another example will be if you use AWeber to speak to your customers and internal communication, e.g., your company’s employees. You don’t want to create a new list when you meet people at an event or for people in different cities or other interests, etcetera. For this, you should use tags and custom fields.

Tagging subscribers

  • Sending to a segment (contacts tagged with X) is not accessible on the AWeber Free plan
  • Limited to 1 custom segment on the Lite plan

Warning: some people feel they need to tag every single thing that happens. If you use too many tags, it becomes counterproductive. Great use of a tag is when you import new contacts to your list, and you want to tag those email addresses so you know where they came from, e.g., a trade show, a different email tool, etcetera.

In short, here are some more use cases of using tags:

  • Add a tag to the contact if they click a specific link in your broadcast or automation email
  • You can trigger a campaign (automation) on a particular tag
  • You can tag all the people that joined your list through a specific opt-in form or landing page

Comparing AWeber’s tagging tool with other email companies, I must say that I like it!
For more information on how to use tags with AWeber, see AWeber’s blog How do I use tags?.

Basic and custom segments

  • Custom segments are not accessible on the AWeber Free plan
  • Limited to 1 custom segment on the Lite plan

Warning 1: free plan users cannot send a broadcast email to a custom segment, e.g., contacts tagged with tag X. It means that you can only send a broadcast email to your entire audience and not the ones you tagged with a specific tag.

Warning 2: Lite plan users can only create 1 custom segment.

Other than that, AWeber’s segmentation feature is excellent. It offers more segmentation options than most of its competitors.

It offers standard segmentation options like tags and date added, but it also provides additional segmentation options like a link clicked, message opened, etcetera. An example of what you can do is segment the people who all clicked on the purchase link in your email OR segment the ones that didn’t click on the purchase link and send them a different email. Similar to the message opened segment. A great use of this segment is sending the same email with another subject line to everyone who didn’t open the first email.

Note that some tools like ConvertKit (ConvertKit review) and MailerLite (MailerLite review) offer an auto-send feature, which automatically sends the email again to the ones that didn’t open with a different subject line and/or different content. AWeber doesn’t automate this, but it is still possible to accomplish the same by utilizing the segment.

Hosting content

AWeber allows you to add attachments to your emails, but it doesn’t allow you to host your content on its servers. In other words, you can’t send an email and write click here to download your free ebook because AWeber doesn’t host your content. Yes, you can host that free ebook on your Google Drive and link to it that way, but it would have been easier if AWeber hosted the content for you. For example, ConvertKit (ConvertKit review), AWeber’s competitor, does allow you to host documents on its servers, which is more user-friendly.

Furthermore, sending emails with attachments can hurt your deliverability because email attachments are often used as a way to hide viruses and malware.

Hosted broadcast archive / Newsletter Hub

If you like to show new subscribers or potential subscribers what newsletter you sent, you can show them your Newsletter Hub or Broadcast archive. AWeber allows you to share your newsletter in your so-called Newsletter Hub.

Stock photos for free

You can use AWeber’s image database when you need an image for your newsletter or landing page. It offers 6,000+ images you can use for free and is easily searchable.

Email split testing

  • Not accessible on the AWeber Free plan

I find setting up an email split test with AWeber not user-friendly/intuitive compared to its competitors, e.g., MailerLite (MailerLite review.) 

Cart abandonment / Purchase tagging

Although you can set up cart abandonment and purchase tagging with AWeber, it isn’t an email marketing tool for ecommerce, in my opinion. Unfortunately, AWeber’s ecommerce functionalities aren’t that great compared to other tools tailored to ecommerce companies such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, Drip, etcetera.

When logged in and you visit AWeber’s integration page, it shows the most popular integrations. You can see that the most popular one is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels users are more focused on selling information products, like ebooks and courses. Shopify and other big ecommerce store builders such as Bigcommerce, Magento, or Wix aren’t at the top of its list of popular integrations.

Sell Products and Services with AWeber Ecommerce

For some reason, it’s becoming a trend in all email tools that they have to offer ecommerce features too. Most, if not all, email marketing companies provide ecommerce features, e.g., product pages. 

You can use AWeber’s landing pages to create a page and showcase your product or service. You can then connect a button to your account. Stripe is a payment platform.

Note that Stripe offers similar features where you can easily create a payment link with far more options and a better cart user interface than what AWeber offers, so I don’t see any reason to use AWeber’s ecommerce tool.

Here’s the deal: I’ve been selling products online since 2016, and I have never used an email tool to sell my products. First, I started with WooCommerce, which is WordPress’s ecommerce plugin. Then, in 2022, I switched my store to Shopify. In my view, when ecommerce is your core business, you should choose a platform solely focused on ecommerce. For example, Shopify offers email marketing features, but I’m not using them because it isn’t an email marketing tool. You get the point.

Buy and connect domains

  • Not accessible on the AWeber Free plan

AWeber allows you to connect your domain, which I highly recommend if you use landing or stand-alone pages for your sign-up forms. Using your domain increases trust, which can result in higher conversions.

AWeber’s default URL example:

Custom domain example:

You can follow my step-by-step tutorial on YouTube if you want to know how to connect a custom domain inside AWeber.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

AWeber doesn’t have a feature to add marketing permission checkboxes to sign-up forms and landing pages. I contacted AWeber’s support on April 20, 2022, and they told me they would implement this feature in the future but didn’t say a date. AWeber support explained that, according to them, checkboxes aren’t mandatory to get consent from your subscribers. According to AWeber support, it should be enough to clarify what you will do with your subscriber’s email address on the sign-up form, but I’m not sure that’s legally trustworthy.

AWeber review: Email Marketing Automation

  • 😕 Limited to 1 email automation campaign in the free plan
  • 😕 Limited to 3 email automation campaigns in the free plan
  • 🙂 Unlimited email automation campaigns in the Plus plan
  • 😃 Roughly 19 email automation templates available to import into your account
  • ☹️ Cannot build complex automations

Automation triggers

A trigger is how the automation starts. For example, you can trigger an automation when a subscriber is added to a tag, when a subscriber enters a form, or when someone enters your list.

Import automations

AWeber offers roughly 19 email automation templates to import into your account. Especially if you’re a beginner with email automation, drawing inspiration from examples is a great way to start.

What I like most about AWeber’s automation templates is that it’s filled with real newsletters/content. For example, there’s this template you can import called Mini-Course. This automation template consists of 5 emails, and every email has an easy-to-follow template you can use to write YOUR content for those emails. In other words, this will help you if you aren’t sure what emails to create/send.

Lastly, sharing your automation template with others is also available. It would be cool if AWeber’s users could upload their automation templates to AWeber’s marketplace for others to see and use. Then, instead of having 19 automation templates, there can be many more. There should obviously be an incentive for AWeber’s customers to upload their automation templates; otherwise, it won’t work.

Delivery by Time Zone

AWeber allows you to schedule your automated emails in the subscriber’s timezone. If you have a worldwide audience, this feature might come in handy if you want to send your newsletters at a specific time for every subscriber. 

Note that not every email tool offers such a feature. Also, note that you cannot use the schedule for the subscriber’s timezone for regular broadcast emails/newsletters. You can only use it for your automated emails, i.e., campaigns.

Behavioral automation

  • Not accessible on the AWeber Free and Lite plan

AWeber allows you to add automation rules to every automated email in your campaign. Let me explain.

It offers two options for you to set up:

  1. If the contact opens the email, you can then remove the contact automatically with an automation rule from the automation and/or add/remove a tag
  2. If the contact clicks on a specific link in the email, you can then remove the contact from the automation and/or add/remove a tag

Note that AWeber’s so-called behavioral automation feature is basic compared to its competitors. For example, some email tools allow you to add conditions, e.g., when a contact doesn’t open email X, send it again. However, you can’t do something similar with AWeber because there are only two options available-see above.

AWeber review: Landing pages, Opt-in Forms

  • Unlimited opt-in forms available in both the free and paid plan
  • User-interface is (very!) outdated, making it far less user-friendly.
  • 100s of opt-in form templates/designs are available, but all are very outdated

Already Subscribed Page

AWeber has this setting called Already Subscribed Page. It redirects already subscribed contacts to a different thank you page when they opt-in again. Incredibly convenient if you have many freebies (free ebooks.) For example, let’s say you have a weekly podcast and create a freebie for every podcast episode. You want to allow your current subscribers to download that freebie easily. With the setting Already Subscribed Page, you can create a custom thank you page (direct download link to the freebie) for your current subscribers. You can see this in action in my AWeber tutorial on YouTube.

Different types of sign-up forms

AWeber supports four different types of sign-up forms:

  1. The in-line sign-up form, also called the embedded form
  2. The pop-over sign-up form
  3. The lightbox
  4. The pop-up sign-up form

For more information, see this page.

Clickable pop-ups

Some websites use clickable link pop-ups or clickable image pop-ups, i.e., if you click the link click here to download X, a pop-up appears where you can enter your name and email address.

AWeber allows you to create such pop-ups.

AWeber also covers this in a blog.

Split testing forms (A/B testing)

  • Not accessible on the AWeber Free plan

You can use split testing to test which opt-in form performs best, e.g., you can change the headline of one post to see if that results in more opt-ins. Another example is to change the color of the button.

Landing pages

  • 1 landing page on the free plan
  • Limited to 3 landing pages on the Lite plan
  • Unlimited landing pages on the Plus plan
  • Option to create a website-ish page with a landing page

Landing page templates

  • Only access to basic landing pages on the free and Lite plan
  • 40+ landing page templates available on the Plus plan
  • Option to build a landing page from scratch with the drag-and-drop builder

Suppose you have experience building websites, e.g., WordPress or Shopify websites with template modules. In that case, AWeber’s landing page builder works similarly to the most common website template builders. You can drag and drop buttons, videos, images, text elements, etcetera. Furthermore, you can tweak the background color, columns, column widths, borders, etcetera. And although this works very well for me, since I have a long-lasted relationship with WordPress and Shopify, it might not be that intuitive if you’re new to building a web page with a template module. One of AWeber’s competitors, ConvertKit (ConvertKit review), is way simpler in making a landing page. Note that there are also fewer options to tweak the landing page with ConvertKit than with AWeber’s landing page builder.

Video landing pages

AWeber writes on its pricing page the feature Video landing pages; in other words, you can add a video to your landing page.

I think we can nowadays assume that every landing page builder allows you to add a video to your landing page.

AWeber review: Reporting features

Google Analytics

  • No native Google Analytics UTM builder available inside AWeber
  • Can track sign-up form submissions with Google Analytics

If you visit the How do I integrate Google Analytics with AWeber page on AWeber’s website, it explains how you can use Google Analytics URL builder to track URLs with Google Analytics. 

In other words, AWeber doesn’t offer a user-friendly and straightforward solution. Manually converting every URL to a Google Analytics URL is painful. I’m not a big fan that AWeber doesn’t automate this like its peers. 

AWeber’s competitors, e.g., ConvertKit (ConvertKit review), MailerLite (MailerLite review), MailChimp (MailChimp review), etcetera, offer the Google Analytics URL builder as a setting you can turn on or off. Turning it on will automatically change your URLs so you can track them inside Google Analytics. Such a setting is a big timesaver and an absolute must if you’re serious about your online marketing game. 

For more information on how to set up sign-up form tracking with Google Analytics, I refer you to this page on AWeber’s website.

Facebook pixel tracking

  • Not accessible on the AWeber Free plan

AWeber has this setting for paid users to add their Facebook tracking ID on their AWeber landing pages. In addition, AWeber has a step-by-step blog on how to set it up.

Branded click-tracking links

  • Not accessible on the AWeber Free and Lite plan

AWeber calls this feature branded click-tracking links on its pricing page, which means that you can see what links people clicked inside your emails and how often people clicked on those links.

Note that all the email tools I have tested offer this feature. Also good to mention that most of those tools offered it as part of the free plan. AWeber’s free users, on the other hand, cannot use this feature.

AWeber review: Account Management


  • Users on the free plan are limited to 1 extra user
  • Lite plan users are limited to 3 extra users
  • Plus AWeber customers can add unlimited users

You can create an extra user if you want someone on your team to access your email marketing account. When creating a new user, you must decide the role of your new team member. There are two options; Admin or Team Member. An Admin has full account access, including viewing and editing your billing information. A Team Member, on the other hand, has full access but cannot view or edit billing info or manage users.

Mobile app

AWeber offers three different apps, and they are available on iOS and Android. But I feel they aren’t necessarily proud of it since it isn’t listed on its homepage or pricing page. Furthermore, reading the reviews of one of the iOS apps, it seems the app isn’t the best. Worth mentioning is that the last time AWeber updated the apps was in March 2020, i.e., a long time ago.

Web push notifications

AWeber allows its free and paid users to enable web push notifications on their website. For example, if you have a WordPress website, you can easily add the web notification by installing its WordPress plugin. The web notification is a popup that appears after a customizable period to your website visitor.

Here’s what AWeber writes about it on its website:

When you send a new web push notification, it will be “pushed” to all your website visitors that have opted-in to see your content. Website subscribers will see this message slide in on their desktop as long as they have their web browser open. Visitors need not be on your website to see your content.

I haven’t seen another email marketing company offering web push notifications—a pretty cool tactic for instant eyeballs on your new blog, podcast, YouTube video, etc.

For more information, see this page on AWeber’s website.


Unlike many of its competitors, AWeber does offer support to its free plan users. They offer 24/7 chat support and email support. Although these options are great, the waiting time for chat and email support can be lengthy because they prioritize paid users first. Unfortunately, I haven’t tested the phone support.

For example, I contacted chat support at 03:13 PM and closed it 14 minutes later because no representative was still available. I don’t mind waiting a couple of minutes, but 14+ minutes is a bit too much and doesn’t speed up my process. Fortunately, these long waiting times aren’t always the case; sometimes, you get instant access to a support representative.

The same goes for email support. Some support requests took multiple days before I received an answer. Although that might not seem like a long time to some of you, it can be frustrating if not having answer blocks you from continuing to set up your email marketing. Note that you might receive a faster answer on a paid account since AWeber prioritizes paid customers.

Comparing AWeber with some of its competitors:

  • MailChimp (MailChimp review) offers email support for the first 30 days to its free plan users, 24/7 email & chat support to its Essentials & Standard customers, and phone & priority support to its Premium customers.
  • MailerLite (MailerLite review) offers email support from Monday to Friday to its free plan users, 24/7 email support to its Growing Business customers, and 24/7 live chat & email support to its Advanced customers.
  • AWeber (AWeber review) offers phone, chat and email support to all its paid users, and chat and email support to its free plan users.

Click here for a more detailed description of the best free email marketing tool.

AWeber review: Intergrations

WordPress plugin

After installing AWeber’s WordPress plugin you can without any coding add a sign-up form as a WordPress widget.

Frequently asked questions

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Will AWeber still be here in 3, 5, or 10 years?

It’s important to know whether or not the product you’re thinking of adapting to your business has a good future. You don’t want to invest your valuable time and money learning a new tool to find out they ran out of business a few months later. To start off, I don’t see AWeber going out of business anytime soon. However, if you’re an entrepreneur and marketer like me, you want to know some numbers, right?

In Aweber’s blog from 2009, they wrote that near the start of 2008, they passed the 30,000 customer mark. The screenshot below is from the website where you can find the content of webpages in the past.

Then, one year later, in January 2009, they passed the 50,000 customer mark.

In an interview on May 10th, 2013, with Tom, the CEO, and founder of Aweber, he said they had 115,000 customers.

Then in an interview with Tom in August 2018, it says they got 100,000 customers-meaning; they lost 15,000 customers?

Then again I wanted to be sure that I’m correct so I found another interview with Tom. In that interview, they again said they have 100,000 customers. –

Then a few months later, they’re at 120,000 customers, according to the interview below.

In January 2020, Tom states in his Twitter bio that they have 120,000 customers.

But in one interview from July 2019, he doesn’t mention the number of customers any longer.

He says, and I quote, “over the years, we’ve grown from a small startup to a robust organization that has served more than 1 million customers worldwide throughout our 20-year history.”

I haven’t asked him why they changed their communication. Maybe it isn’t even on purpose, but if it is, then my wild guess is that they perhaps have fewer than 100,000 customers right now, and they don’t want to share that number publicly.

I understand it isn’t a positive thing to first celebrate that you’ve crossed that 100,000 customer mark to lose many customers a few years later.

In an interview in March 2022, Tom doesn’t mention the number of paying customers. They only state they have 300,000 users but don’t say how many are paying customers and how many are on the forever free plan.

The thing is that there’s a big competition going on between email marketing software companies and I think Aweber lost a bunch of customers to other email marketing companies.

CEO Tom Kulzer and his team are working hard to ensure AWeber will still be here in the next decade.