GetResponse pricing

Before subscribing to GetResponse, ensure you read the warnings and tips below.

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Editor’s note: We updated this information on January 26, 2023.

GetResponse Pricing plans

  • Free (forever free)
  • Email Marketing (starting from $19/mo – free limited 30-day trial available) 
  • Marketing Automation (starting from $59/mo – free limited 30-day trial available) 
  • Ecommerce Marketing (starting from $119/mo – free limited 30-day trial available) 
  • MAX2 plan (custom pricing)

Warning: when visiting GetResponse’s pricing page, they make it seem like you can try its paid plans free for 30 days. Although, when signing up, you discover that you still don’t have access to many premium features, i.e., you cannot test everything before purchasing.

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GetResponse Email Marketing plan Price Review

Warning: Although it doesn’t seem like it at first glance, GetResponse’s Email Marketing plan becomes much more expensive relative to its other plans. For example, the price increase of upgrading from Email Marketing to Marketing Automation at 1,000 subscribers is 210%, i.e., the Email Marketing plan (1st paid plan) seems relatively cheap compared to its bigger brother, Marketing Automation. This same upgrade at 20,000 subscribers is a price increase of only 23%. In other words, GetResponse tries to lure you in with a low price point, but the price increases fast when you gain subscribers.

Price comparison

Up to 500 subscribers:

Up to 20,000 subscribers:

Is its 1st paid plan, the Email Marketing tier, worth it?

I would say it’s not worth it if it was my call. The reason isn’t that it’s not the cheapest tool. It lacks essential email marketing functionalities like marketing automation and ecommerce features.

BUT if you are in no need of marketing automation and ecommerce features, you might think differently.

GetResponse Marketing Automation plan Price Review

As mentioned above, at 1,000 subscribers, the Marketing Automation plan is a price increase of 210% compared to its little brother, the Email Marketing tier. At 20,000 subscribers, it’s a price increase of 23%. In other words, it’s more expensive than its 1st paid plan, BUT it also has more great features.

Is its 2nd paid plan, the Marketing Automation tier, worth it?

It depends heavily on your needs and business situation. 

Firstly, remember that the Marketing Automation tier has no ecommerce functionalities. The following use cases aren’t possible in the Marketing Automation tier:

  • You cannot create an automation based on purchase activity, e.g., send an automated email when someone purchases product X in your store.
  • There’s no ecommerce tracking, e.g., you cannot see how many orders were made when you send an email or through your automated campaigns.
  • You cannot segment based on ecommerce activity, e.g., send an email to all customers who haven’t purchased.

To receive access to these features, you must subscribe to GetResponse’s 3rd paid plan, Ecommerce Marketing, which has a 75% price increase at the 10,000 subscriber mark.

Want to know the best part?

These ecommerce functionalities ARE possible over at MailerLite’s 1st paid plan (MailerLite review), who’s one of the cheapest email tools.


GetResponse’s Marketing Automation plan comes with features that cheap(er) tools might not have, or they offer it in a lesser user-friendly way. For example, I would not label MailerLite as the most user-friendly email tool – GetResponse is definitely more user-friendly.

Some features of the Marketing Automation plan include Chats, Webinars, Web Push notifications, one of the best popups functionalities, one of the most user-friendly website builders, great & ultra-fast support, and last but not least, one of the most comprehensive automation workflow builders.

If you’re looking for a simple tool to send newsletters, GetResponse is a bit of an overkill. It’s like driving a racing car on a public road, i.e., you cannot use it to its full potential.

Another critical thing to remember is your business potential, i.e., you might have the best racing car, but you will lose without a great driver.

How do you determine your business potential?

In my opinion, GetResponse’s tool is best suited for businesses that meet one or multiple of the following criteria:

  • Your customer’s lifetime value is $1,000 or more.
  • Your business market penetration is low, and your target audience is enormous, meaning; there’s so much to win by working hard and smart.
  • If you have hundreds or thousands of new leads coming in daily OR when the potential for these numbers is here.

Important: GetResponse often has great lifetime discounts during the new year, Black Friday, etcetera. If you are considering GetResponse, I highly recommend purchasing it during its discount periods to save you a ton of money.

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GetResponse Marketing Ecommerce plan Price Review

If you skim GetResponse’s pricing page, you’ll quickly find that there isn’t that much of a difference between the Marketing Automation and Ecommerce Marketing plans except for a price bump, ecommerce functionalities, and more webinar features.

These are some of the things you could not do in lower plans:

  • Creating an automation based on purchase activity, e.g., sending an automated email when someone purchases product X in your store.
  • Ecommerce tracking, e.g., you now see how many orders were made when you send an email or through your automated campaigns.
  • Segmenting based on ecommerce activities, e.g., sending an email to all customers that haven’t purchased yet.
  • Invite up to 300 people to your webinar, plus other webinar features (see Webinars)

Comparing the Marketing Automation and Ecommerce Marketing plans for up to 10,000 subscribers, there’s a 75% price increase, which is pretty steep. But if you’re planning to use all of its features to their fullest extent, it might be worth it.

Full price comparison

  • Use the below’s spreadsheet to compare GetResponse’s prices with its competitors
  • Below prices are annual prices, including any discounts for purchasing yearly
  • I didn’t take into account non-profit discounts or the 30% discount for the 2-year plan
MailerLite Growing Business$10$15$25$25$25$39$39$39$59$59$59$73$109$139$139$289
MailerLite Advanced$20$30$40$40$40$50$50$50$80$80$80$110$150$180$180$340$440$820$1,200$1,900
ConvertKit Creator$29$29$49$49$49$49$79$79$99$99$99$119$149$179$179$379$679$1,279$1,879
ConvertKit Creator Pro$59$59$79$79$79$79$111$111$139$139$139$167$209$251$251$519$879$1,579$2,179
Zoho Standard$4$7$17$17$17$18$24$31$35$38$41$49$61$74$74$138$242
Zoho Professional$6$12$29$29$29$30$40$52$58$63$69$81$101$123$123$230$403$748$1,035$1,380
Sender Standard$19$19$19$19$19$33$33$33$57$57$57$57$87$107$107$227$367$697
Sender Professional$35$35$35$35$35$60$60$60$120$120$120$120$200$250$250$460$860$1,660
Constant Contact Lite$12$30$50$50$50$80$80$80$120$120$120$120$180$230$230$430
Constant Contact Standard$35$55$75$75$75$110$110$110$160$160$160$160$210$260$260$460
Constant Contact Premium$80$110$150$150$150$200$200$200$275$275$275$275$325$375$375$575
ActiveCampaign Marketing Lite$39$39$61$61$61$99$99$99$174$174$174$174$286$286$286$486
ActiveCampaign Marketing Plus$70$70$125$125$125$186$186$186$287$287$287$287$474$474$474$699
ActiveCampaign Marketing Professional$187$187$187$187$187$262$262$262$424$424$424$424$686$686$686$1,011
ActiveCampaign Bundles Plus$116$116$171$171$171$232$232$232$333$333$333$333$520$520$520$745
ActiveCampaign Bundles Professional$482$482$482$482$482$557$557$557$719$719$719$719$981$981$981$1,306
GetResponse Email Marketing$19$19$29$29$29$54$54$54$79$79$79$79$174$174$174$299$539
GetResponse Marketing Automation$59$59$69$69$69$95$95$95$114$114$114$114$215$215$215$359$599
GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing$119$119$139$139$139$169$169$169$199$199$199$199$299$299$299$444$699
Mailchimp Essentials$27$45$45$75$75$110$110$110$180$180$180$180$230$270$270
Mailchimp Standard$20$45$45$60$60$100$100$100$135$135$135$135$230$285$285$450$800
Mailchimp Premium$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$350$465$535$535$815$1,025$1,600
AWeber Lite$15$25$25$25$25$45$45$45$65$65$65$65$145$145$145$388$788
AWeber Plus$30$40$40$40$40$60$60$60$80$80$80$80$160$160$160$403$803
AWeber Unlimited$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899$899
Klaviyo Email$20$30$45$60$60$70$100$100$130$150$150$150$350$375$375$720$1,380$2,070
Klaviyo Email & SMS$35$45$60$75$75$85$115$115$145$165$165$165$365$390$390$735$1,395$2,085
Beehiiv Launch$0$0$0$0$0
Beehiiv Grow$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49$49
Beehiiv Scale$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99$99
HubSpot Marketing Hub - Starter$20$20$40$40$60$60$78$96$112$128$144$176$256$336$336$816$1,616
HubSpot Marketing Hub - Professional$890$890$890$890$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,140$1,390$1,390$1,640$1,890$1,890$3,190
HubSpot Marketing Hub - Enterprise$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,700$3,700$3,700$4,000$4,450$5,250$5,950$7,350$8,550$9,750
Moosend Pro$9$16$24$24$32$32$48$48$64$64$64$88$160$160$160$315$624$1,216$1,808$2,896$4,080$5,840

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Subscriber limit / Maximum subscribers

GetResponse offers 3 paid plans, and all tiers have a maximum subscriber limit of 100,000 contacts. If you exceed this limit, you’ll be charged $4.00 for every 1,000 contacts you start adding. 


You’ve added 2,507 contacts above the limit of 100,000, i.e., you now have 102,507 contacts. This means that $12.00 will be added to your balance every 30 days on top of the tier price for 100,000 contacts.

In other words, there’s no maximum number of contacts because it’ll charge you for every 1,000 contacts you add on top of the limit of 100,000.

Multiple email lists

GetResponse offers you to create multiple lists, but there’s a catch. For example, if email X is on 2 lists, you’ll pay for 2 contacts instead of 1.

Usually, you don’t need more than 1 list. The only instance when you should create more than 1 list is when you have a B2B and B2C side to your business. That way, you can separate the messaging for those two audiences. Another example will be if you use GetResponse to speak to your customers and internal communication, e.g., your company’s employees. You don’t want to create a new list when you meet people at an event or for people in different cities or other interests, etcetera. For this, you should use tags and custom fields.

For more information on its pricing structure, see this page.

GetResponse discount

Click here to see if there’s a discount. If there is, you’ll see a banner on its homepage or pricing page.

  • GetResponse always goes all-out on sales, e.g., Valentine discounts, Black Friday discounts, etcetera, where you can get up to 40% off for life (see special deals below)
  • GetResponse offers an 18% discount for the annual plan
  • 30% discount when purchasing the 24-month plan
  • 50% discount on monthly plans for non-profit organizations (warning: you must agree to add a link on your website to the GetResponse website)
  • 30% discount on monthly plans for non-profit organizations (if you don’t add a link to GetResponse’s website, you can still get 30% instead of the 50% discount)

For more information on the discount for non-profits, see this page.

Note that GetResponse is one of the few email tools that offer a 30% discount for purchasing a 24-month subscription.

Extra discounts for special occasions

If you consider GetResponse, I highly recommend purchasing it during these discount periods to save you a ton of money. Most importantly, these discounts are lifetime discounts when choosing 24 months. And although that might seem like a long time, keep in mind that email marketing is a long-term game. So, for example, I paid for 36 months for my Shopify subscription to save money too.

Canceling your paid account

Warning: Below, you see a screenshot of a review given by a GetResponse customer that tried to cancel/freeze their subscription. Apparently, your account is immediately unavailable after canceling despite you having more time on your current monthly plan. Make sure to double-check this with GetResponse’s support team before you cancel.


Warning: GetResponse doesn’t offer any refunds for monthly or annual plans. So, if you purchase a yearly plan on August 1 and cancel 1 minute later because you changed your mind, you won’t receive a refund. 

GetResponse does offer 30-day free trials on its paid plans, BUT sadly, not all features are accessible on the free trial, i.e., make sure you do your due diligence before committing to a long-term payment plan.

The number of contacts (subscribed vs unsubscribed)

GetResponse only charges you for active subscribers, which is nice! Some email marketing companies do the opposite, like AWeber (AWeber review) and MailChimp (MailChimp review); they charge you for the unsubscribed contacts in your list.

For more information on its pricing structure, see this page.

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