Smart Strategies from a 2M Subscriber YouTube Channel

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Smart strategies from a 2M Subscriber YouTube channel

The other day, I came across a YouTube channel in the business advice category with over 2 million subscribers, where the YouTuber explains his new video content strategy for the future.

Here are my two takeaways:

Don’t randomly create content

The old strategy involved creating three types of videos: Entertainment, Edutainment, and Educational videos.

Initially, he thought viewers of his entertainment and edutainment videos would also watch his educational content, but they preferred sticking to similar types of videos. More importantly, most results like his book sales and email opt-ins mainly came from his educational video viewers, not from entertainment or edutainment viewers.

The new strategy moving forward? Focus solely on educational videos.

Be overly intentional with your video intros

They analyzed the intros of their top 35 educational videos and created a template based on their best practices for future videos to follow. What they found out was that every intro had the following three elements:

  • Proof: Prove you know what you’re talking about. Give people a reason to believe you.
  • Promise: Tell the viewer what they will learn from watching your video.
  • Plan: Explain how you’re going to teach what you’ve promised—e.g., a 3-step process.

    Key Takeaway: Most people leave a video after only a few seconds. Therefore, being ultra-aware of what you say in the introduction is super important. Being super clear on why they should watch your video and listen to you (Proof), explaining what they will learn while watching your video (Promise), and lastly, what’s the agenda of this video. What are the chapters or the steps you’re following to reach this desired result (Plan).

    In a more recent video, you can see this exact template in action. It’s a 40+ minute video, and in the first 2.5 minutes, he only proves that he has done what he’s teaching with his own businesses. In the following minutes, he continues with the other two steps: promise and plan. In other words, in the first 7 or so minutes of this video, he follows this 3-step process for creating his intro.

    Promise Example: The video promises viewers they will learn a free method to attract new buyers using a 3-step influencer strategy.
    Example of the Plan: Explain to the viewer how you’re going to teach the promise and/or what you are going to use to teach the promise. In this example, it’s the 3-step influencer process. If there’s no strict 3-step process like in this example, you can just showcase the agenda of the video.

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