How Much Money do These 24 YouTubers Make?

I spent hours researching how much money YouTubers made in 2020.

Some YouTubers make more than $5,000,000+ per year.

Did you know gaming channels on YouTube earn much less per 1 million views than finance channels? It makes a HUGE difference!

What is more, did you know most YouTubers DON’T make most of their money from YouTube? They make most of their money through other revenue streams. I’ll explain everything below …

Editor’s note: We updated this information on September 14, 2023.

Below you’ll find the YouTubers that I randomly selected. They are in no particular order. I’ve dissected all the income streams from the top 10 YouTubers. Definitely an interesting read!

For the other YouTubers in the list where I didn’t do a full income stream breakdown, I only show the YouTube ad-revenue, RPM, and views.

#1 Cahrin Manning ($222,967 in 2020)
#2 Marina Mogilko ($1,400,000 in 2020)
#3 Shelby Church Vlogs ($236,809 in 2020)
#4 Matt Morsia ($273,833 per month)
#5 Meet Kevin ($5,500,000 in 2020)
#6 Graham Stephan
#7 Ali Abdaal ($1,400,000 in 2020)
#8 Gillian Perkins ($492,000 in 2020)
#9 Andrei Jikh ($1,739,826 in 2020)
#10 Ben Sullins – $6.13 per 1,000 views
#11 Oliur / UltraLinx – $2.98 per 1,000 views
#12 The Come Up – $6.80 per 1,000 views
#13 Not Even French – $2.51 per 1,000 views
#14 Biaheza – $16.09 per 1,000 views
#15 Adam J Bell – $3.00 per 1,000 views
#16 Peng Joon – $5.46 per 1,000 views
#17 Shimmy Morris – $15.67 per 1,000 views
#18 The Money Resolution – $8.05 per 1,000 views
#19 Oli Abbas- $5.92 per 1,000 views
#20 Josh Burns Tech – $9.42 per 1,000 views
#21 Karsa – $2.45 per 1,000 views
#22 Sonali – $4.96 per 1,000 views
#23 By Brianna Nichole – $4.90 per 1,000 views
#24 Greg Snell – $8.32 per 1,000 views
#25 Kurzgesagt

Cathrin Manning ($222,967 in 2020)

Cathrin Manning shares tips to get started on YouTube.

She shared her 2020 YouTube revenue in this video.

how much Cathrin Manning made on YouTube in 2020
Source Cathrin Manning

Her revenue in 2020 from YouTube ads was $88,717.64 from 9.7 million views.

That’s $9.16 (RPM) per 1,000 views was on average.

how much RPM CPM Cathrin Manning made on YouTube in 2020
Source Cathrin Manning

Her number #1 top-earning video was How To START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Beginner’s guide to YouTube & growing from 0 subscribers.

She made $19,944.34 of this video alone in 2020-meaning; this 1 video generated close to 23% of her total YouTube ad-revenue for 1 single year.

Pretty crazy, right?

What is more, her 2nd best-earning video of 2020 was a video published on July 22, 2019. 

She made $4,879.25 from that video. That’s close to 6% of her total ad-revenue.

The same thing with her 3rd best earning video-also from 2019.

Besides her main channel, she also started a vlog channel, and that channel didn’t get monetized until July 2020. 

Her 2nd channel, her vlog channel, made $3,639.67 in 2020, which totals her overall YouTube ad-revenue to $92,373.19. 

She explains that this number covers all of her living expenses-meaning; she’s a full-time creator.

Congratulations, Cathrin!

What is important to know for you as an aspiring creator, she admits that her YouTube ad-revenue isn’t even 50% of her total income of 2020. 

She explains the importance of having multiple income streams because it’s risky to solely rely on one income stream.

Cathrin’s 2nd income stream is affiliate marketing, and she shows a screenshot of making $77,522.75 of affiliate income in 2020.

affiliate income youtuber cathrin manning
Source Cathrin Manning

Her 3rd income stream is her own products. She created ebooks, workbooks, lightroom presets, and other templates.

Then she also has her 4th income stream, which is sponsorships

“This video is sponsored by XYZ.”

A sponsorship is if you have an agreement with a company to mention them in your video or show one of their products.

In total, she made $222,967.77 from her business in 2020.

Source Cathrin Manning

She doesn’t share how much she’s making from her own products and sponsorships, but since she mentions her total income you can pretty much guess it.

If you add up her YouTube ad-revenue ($92,373.19) and her affiliate income ($77,522.75), you can guess how much she made from her own products and sponsorships.

Adding those two, it totals $169,895.94. 

The difference between her total revenue and the above is $53,071.83. 

You do the guessing how much she made from her own products and sponsorships.

Such a great job, Cathrin. Full-time creator earning big bucks!

Marina Mogilko ($1,400,000 in 2020)

Marina Mogilko has 3 YouTube channels.

The 1ste one is her Russian channel.

Her Russian channel made her $49,121.95 in 2020. That’s $2.28 per 1,000 views.

marina mogilko youtube channel earnings  in 2020
Source: Silicon Valley Girl

Her 2nd channel, Linguamarina, where she shares English language tips, made her $79,965.44 from almost 40 million views in YouTube ad revenue in 2020. That’s $2.00 (RPM) per 1,000 views.

Source: Silicon Valley Girl

And no, she doesn’t stop there.

She also has a 3rd channel, called Silicon Valley Girl. On her 3rd channel, she publishes business-related videos.

In 2020, she made $39,479.98 in YouTube ad revenue from 5.6 million views from her 3rd channel. That’s $7.03 (RPM) per 1,000 views.

Marina Mogilko from Silicon Valley Girl YouTube ad revenue from 2020
Source: Silicon Valley Girl

$49,121.95 + $79,965.44 + $39,479.98 = $168,567.37 in YouTube ad-revenue in 2020.

In 2020, Marina explains in another video she made $20,000 to $30,000 a month from sponsorships through her 3 YouTube channels and her Instagram. One of her sponsors is Hello Fresh, for instance.

Source: Silicon Valley Girl

That’s roughly $240,000 to $300,000 in sponsorship revenue in 2020.

The following revenue stream Marina has in her business is selling her own products.

She created an online course where she teaches people how to kickstart their YouTube channel in 14 days. She also has another course in Russia where she teaches people how to manage YouTube channels for YouTubers.

In 2020, she made $90,000 to $100,000 per month in revenue from these online courses. In total, that’s roughly 1 million dollars.

marina mogilko revenue from online course sales
Source: Silicon Valley Girl

Do note; she explains there are many costs involved in setting up these courses since she’s hiring multiple people to help her.

The last revenue stream is digital products from Linguamarina, where she teaches people who want to learn English. In 2020, she made around $3,000 per month from these products. That’s $36,000 per year.

digital product sales from linguamarina
Source: Silicon Valley Girl

So, in 2020, in total, she made around:

  • $168,567.37 (YouTube ad-revenue)
  • $240,000 to $300,000 in sponsorship revenue
  • $1,000,000 in revenue from her online courses
  • $36,000 from her digital products

= roughly 1.4 million dollars.

Shelby Church Vlogs ($236,809 in 2020)

Shelby Church is a vlogger with 2 channels. 

She has a main channel and a vlogging channel.

In YouTube ad-revenue, her vlogging channel made $30,561.57 with 3.9 million views from January 1, 2020, until December 6, 2020.

That’s roughly $7.84 (RPM) per 1,000 views.

Source: Shelby Church

Her main channel, made her $169,473.80 from 27.3 million views from January 1, 2020, until December 6, 2020.

She made $6.23 per 1,000 views on average on her main channel.

Source: Shelby Church

Besides the two earlier explained revenue streams from her YouTube channels, she also made money from publishing on

If you’re not familiar with Medium, it’s a website where you as a writer can publish content. Like YouTube, you can enroll in the Medium partner program to earn money based upon your article’s engagement.

Shelby made a smart move where she repackaged her YouTube video where she talks about how much money she made on YouTube into an article and published it on Medium.

That article on Medium alone made her $19,531.72 in 2020.

shelby church medium article how much youtube paid me for 1 million views
Source: Shelby Church

She also published more articles on Medium, and her total Medium earnings were $24,774.37 in 2020.

shelby chruch medium earnings
Source: Shelby Church

My two cents to her is writing another article on Medium to explain how she made $19,531.72 from 1 million views on She can also create a YouTube video from it and earn YouTube ad-revenue. It’s a never-ending cycle, haha.

Besides her YouTube ad revenue and Medium revenue, she also does sponsorships/brand deals.

“This video is sponsored by XYZ.”

She doesn’t publicly say how much she’s making from these brand deals but admits she doesn’t consider a brand deal if it’s less than $10,000 for her main channel.

youtuber shelby church brand deals earnings
Source: Shelby Church

I’m not a consistent viewer of her videos, and therefore, I don’t know if there’s a sponsor in every single video she publishes. If you know how often she adds sponsors to her videos, you can estimate how much she’s making.

In 2020, if she adds a sponsor to 1 video every month, the total sponsorship revenue will be $120,000 ($10,000 * 12 months). 

So, in 2020, in total, she made around:

  • $169,473.80 (YouTube ad revenue main channel)
  • $30,561.57 (YouTube ad revenue vlog channel)
  • $24,774.37 (Medium earnings)
  • $120,000 (brand deals/sponsorships)

= roughly $236,809.74 

Matt Morsia aka MattDoesFitness ($273,833 per month)

Matt has a fitness channel.

His channel made him $402,615.38 from 131.8 million views in 2020.

He made $3.06 per 1,000 views on average on his channel.

MatDoesFitness Vlog How much money YouTube paid me in 2020
Source: MattDoesFitness

Does Matt have other income sources?


Matt published a book on Amazon on December 31, 2020.

Sadly for us, he only shares his YouTube ad revenue and not other income streams so if we want to make some rough estimates about his total income we need to do some guessing.

Using this tool, you can estimate the number of book sales based upon the best seller rank.

Since he didn’t self-published his book but instead used a publisher, he probably will only earn 10-12% of every book sale.

The Kindle book is on rank #46,523 of the Amazon Best Seller Rank. According to the tool and the book’s rank, it generates 6 sales per day. 

Pricing a book at around $15 will put him in the 35% of Amazon’s royalty plan making him 35% of every sale.

So, 6 sales will earn him $31.50 per day. That’s $945 per month. 

10% of $945 = $9.45.

Then he also sells a hardcover version of his book. That book ranks #3,533 of the Best Seller Rank generating 28 books per day.

The hardcover book’s price is around $29. 

That’s $812 in revenue per day and $24,360 per month.

10% of $24,360 = $2,436.

He also has an audiobook, but I couldn’t find a sales calculator for audiobooks, so I’m just guessing that there’s a $10,000 revenue from audiobooks per month. 

10% of $10,000 = $1,000.

In total, he makes $3,500 from book royalties per month. It’s a rough estimate.

What else does Matt offer?

He sells his own products: earbuds and a paid app with meal plans and training plans.

He launched his app in the last quarter of 2020. Not sure when he launched his earbuds, though.

Matt’s generating roughly 11 million views per month on YouTube. 

Let’s guess 2% of his viewers visit his website where he sells his app and earbuds. 

2% of 11 million = 220,000 website visitors.

Being conservative, I’m guessing 1% of those 220,000 people buy his earbuds and paid app. That’s 2,200 sales * $65 = $143,000 in revenue per month from his earbuds. 

His paid app price is around $20 per month. If 1% of those 2,200 people subscribe to his paid app, that’s another $44,000 in revenue.

In total, as a rough estimate, it is $187,000 in revenue from his own products per month.

Besides his own products, YouTube ad revenue, and book sales, he also makes money with affiliate marketing and brand deals/sponsorships.

For starters, he promotes the brand Gymshark in every YouTube description and on his Instagram.

Next to Gymshark, he’s also promoting MyProtein, Legend London, Xnite, and Muscle Food. 

Matt Morsia aka MattDoesFitness youtube
Matt Morsia aka MattDoesFitness instagram

These are either brand deals where he receives a flat fee for promoting these companies or affiliate deals where he gets a commission when there’s a sale made through his unique promo code or URL.

A wild guess is that he’s making around $50,000 per month from affiliate deals and brand deals. That’s $600,000 per year.

So, in 2020, in total, he made around:

  • $402,615.38 in YouTube ad revenue
  • $600,000 in brand deals and affiliate income (an estimate)

= roughly $1,000,000+ 

I’m not sure when he launched his earbuds product, so I’m not taking that into account for 2020.

When we take into account his own products like his book, app, and earbuds:

  • $3,500 in book royalties per month
  • $187,000 product sales (app and earbuds) from own products per month

= roughly $190,500 extra per month

Adding up the YouTube ad revenue, brand deals, affiliate marketing, and his own products, that’s around $273,833 per month.

Meet Kevin ($5.5 million in 2020)

Meet Kevin has a real estate coach channel in which he talks about building passive income buying real estate. He also gives ideas on how to build wealth and comments on stocks and other finance-related topics.

This channel, which is his only channel, made him $742,771.95 from June 14, 2020, until September 26, 2020. In May 2020, a month on which his channel garnered over 31 million views and 3 million hours of watch time, earned him $263,865.85. For that month alone, he revealed in this video that he made an average of $8,511.80 a day.

Meet Kevin Estimated Revenue
Source: Meet Kevin

He made $12.42 per 1,000 views on average on his main channel.

Meet Kevin does not only share tips on how to make money on YouTube; he also gives general advice on the type of content to make to maximize YouTube’s earning potential.

For example, he observed that super-specific topics (such as “How to freeze your credit and prevent identity theft”) do worse than topics that are broader in nature (such as “My favorite stocks” or thoughts about the government in the upcoming election).

That strategy was what made him earn  $742,771.95 from Jun 14, 2020, until Sept 26, 2020.

Meet Kevin How Much Youtube Paid Me this Summer (800k Subscribers)
Source: Meet Kevin

Even though Kevin did not mention how much he has earned on YouTube during 2020, he did point out that his channel has an average of 13 million to 14 million views per month. From there, we can estimate his earnings since he earns about $12.42 on every 1,000 views.


(13,000,000 ➗1,000) x ($12.42)= $161,460

(14,000,000 ➗1,000) x ($12.42)= $173, 880

That’s it! Meet Kevin’s YouTube channel estimated earnings per month is between $161,460 to $173,880. That puts his estimated 2020 earnings between $1,937,520 to $2,086,560, give or take. It’s worth noting that this year, Meet Kevin constantly approached 30 million views per month. If he had that many views in 2020, that would easily double his earnings.

Of course, a YouTuber’s income streams come from a variety of ways. That’s undoubtedly true with Meet Kevin. In this video, Kevin reveals his top 10 income streams as a Youtuber. He did not say how much he is making on each of these streams in a month or year. Instead, he disclosed the earnings on a particular day, showing each revenue stream’s potential.

Kevin posted the video on August 27, 2020. He gave August 24, 2020, as an example and showed all of his earnings on that day for each revenue stream.

Here are Kevin’s top 5 revenue streams:

1. Online Courses- $8,900. Kevin puts together a Real Estate investing course on his website. He puts together all his experiences as a real estate broker and lender over the years. The other courses he offers are “Build Wealth Making YouTube Videos” and “Property Management and Rental Renovation Course,” among others.

2. Stocks- $6,657 

3. YouTube Ads- $5,567

Meet Kevin my 10 income
Source: Meet Kevin

4. Affiliate Brands- $3,500. Kevin pitches products that he only loves and uses himself. Examples are Webull brokerage services, Wealthfront financial advisors, and M1 Finance.

5. Wedges- $3,333. If you’re not familiar with a wedge deal in real estate, it is one of two things. First, it could be a deal that involves purchasing a property under its fair market value. Second, you may buy a property in its market value, but the improvements made created a value that exceeds the renovations’ cost. Kevin is a master of such deals.

The other revenue streams he revealed were: 

  • Amazon affiliate links. Also, do check out Kevin’s Amazon page here. Amazon’s affiliate links are often seen below his YouTube videos.
  • Commissions. Kevin uses his real estate license to earn commissions from properties that he buys. In 2020, he bought eight properties and earned $200,000 in commissions for representing himself. Cool, right?
  • Real estate appreciation.
  • Paydown.  A paydown is a process of reducing the amount owed in a mortgage by making partial payments toward the principal. I am not exactly sure how he makes money off it, but that shows Kevin’s brilliance in the finance industry.
  • Channel Join revenue. Every time there is a click on the “Join” button, Kevin earns something from that. He estimates it at about $33 daily.

On that day alone, August 24, 2020, Kevin earned a whopping $30,199!

Meet Kevin 10 income stream
Source: Meet Kevin

It’s hard to pin down Kevin’s earnings in 2020, except for his Youtube pay. He dabbles a lot in the stock market and real estate, and he says he rarely sells any stocks to avoid taxes. Those industries are lucrative but are also prone to fluctuations, which to my point, makes Kevin’s actual total earnings difficult to estimate.

The one-day income he showed in the video above is obviously not sustainable and represents more of the highs than the lows and means.

If we generously cut that $30,000 income to half-at around $15,000 average daily-his yearly earnings would amount to roughly $5.5 million. Coincidentally, Kevin and his wife affirmed in a CNBC article that they earn about $6 million a year on Youtube and real estate, so that estimate is not too far off.

At 28 years old, that’s not bad at all!

Graham Stephan

Graphen Stephan started his YouTube channel when he was a real estate agent and shared tips around real estate investing. 

Nowadays, he shares news-related videos around the current state of the economy and talks a lot about investing. 

Check out his channel to see his latest videos.

On October 17, 2020, he published a video where he shared his YouTube-revenue up until that point for the year 2020.

His channel made $1,583,755.81 from 108+ million views in 2020. That’s $14.56 (RPM) per 1,000 views on average on his channel. And remember, that’s only until the middle of October.

Graham Stephen How Much I Make With 2 Million Subscribers
Source: Graham Stephan

Besides Graham’s main channel, you can see above; he also has 2 more YouTube channels.

His second channel is called The Graham Stephan Show, and his 3rd channel is called The Iced Coffee Hour

On his second channel, The Graham Stephan Show, he mainly publishes reaction videos to other YouTubers and millionaires. He shares his opinion on how they spent their money. 

Graham’s second channel, The Graham Stephan Show, made $297,857.35 with 29.2 million views in 2020. That’s roughly $10.20 (RPM) per 1,000 views.

His Show Channel made $297,857.35 with 29.2 million views in 2020.

That’s roughly $10.20 (RPM) per 1,000 views.

The Graham Stephen Show How Much I Make in 2020
Source: Graham Stephan

His 3rd channel, The Iced Coffee Hour, is a relatively new YouTube podcast show hosted by Graham Stephan and Jack Selby. They interview YouTubers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The revenue per 1,000 views is only $0.88 because they recently activated ads on it.

It made $8,359.41 with 951.0k views in 2020.

Graham Stephen The Iced Coffee Hour How Much I Make in 2020
Source: Graham Stephan

Gillian Perkins ($492,000 in 2020)

Gillian Perkins made $76,708.30 from 8.7 million views from YouTube ad revenue in 2020. According to her podcast episode, she made $53,000 in 2019.

If you do the math, that’s an $8.82 revenue per 1,000 views (RPM).

Gillian Perkins How Much YouTube Paid Me In 2020 With 450K Subscribers
Source: Gillian Perkins

Her daily average viewer number of the last 30 days is 12,480 calculated from March 21, 2021. If she continues this daily view number throughout the year, she’ll reach a total of 4.5 million views in 2021. That’s almost half of what she did in 2020.

Gillian didn’t mention any of her other income streams in her YouTube video, but she did publish a podcast episode where she shared all her revenue streams from 2020. The source of all the data listed below is from the earlier mentioned podcast episode.


$43,000 in affiliate revenue in 2020. In 2019 her affiliate income was $20,000.

Self-created products

Gillian has multiple self-created products, so I’m going to list them below. Overall, her total product sales were $372,746 in 2020. This was $217,000 in 2019. 

  • In 2019, Channel Launch, the YouTube strategy program made $50,000. In 2020, she made $93,000 from this product. This product sells for $549. In other words, around 169 people purchased Channel Launch in 2020.
  • In 2019, Startup Society made her $154,000. It’s an online membership program to build and grow your business that costs $39 every month. In 2020, this program made her $211,000.
  • In 2020, she launched a new product through email marketing called Video Creator Academy, where she teaches people how to create videos. She made $47,000 from this initial launch in 2020.
  • In 2020, she launched another product called Pro-Quality Videos on a Budget. It’s an inexpensive product in comparison to her other products. The program earned $12,600 in 2020.
  • In 2020 she also made $1,500 from her product Plan Your Business for Profit.
  • In 2020 she also made $5,454 from her product Attract Paying Customers.

So, in 2020, in total, she made:

  • $76,708.30 in YouTube ad revenue
  • $43,000 in affiliate income
  • $372,746 in self-created products

In total, for 2020, that’s roughly $492,000.

Ali Abdaal  – $1.4 million in 2020

Ali Abdaal is a Youtuber, podcaster, and doctor who graduated from Cambridge University. 

He first started doing vlogs on his life as a student and later as a doctor. When he decided to take a break from practicing medicine to explore his other interests, his videos expanded to “How to” guides (How to study for exams, How to be more productive, etc.) and about making money online.
We don’t have to guess how much Ali earned last year. In this video, he shared his total earnings from 2020.

Ali Abdaal how much i earned in 2020
Source: Ali Abdaal

He also details his passive and active income streams for that year, including his 2020 YouTube earnings. Let’s break it down:

  • Doctor Salary- £22,100 or about $29,614. Ali was still working as a junior doctor at the National Health Services from January 2020 to August 2020 before taking a break.
  • YouTube Ads- £100,695 or about $134,931. He got that through 57.4 million views and 4.5 million hours of watch time from January 2020 to December 15, 2020. That puts his RPM (revenue per mile or every 1000 views) at £1.75 or roughly $2.45 today.
Ali Abdaal how much i earned in 2020 estimated Revenue
Source: Ali Abdaal
  • Affiliates- £132,471 or about $177, 511. Ali promotes Wireless Coral mechanical keyboard, Paperlike iPad Screen Protector, Ugmonk, and more.
  • Sponsorships- £136,000 or about $182,240. Ali mentioned that he joined an agency called Standard, and it sourced him sponsorship deals with Skillshare, Notion, CuriosityStream, and Brilliant.
  • Online Courses- £350,000 or about $469,000. He offers free online classes on productivity, video editing, studying, and various classes on Skillshare, but he makes money off of royalties in the platform. 
  • Part-Time Youtuber Academy (PTYA)- £220,000 or about $294,800. The PTYA is an online course offered by Ali, but it is different from his free Skillshare course. It is a 6-week course, and charges are from $1,495 to $4,995.
  • Inner Circle community memberships- £53,000 or about $71,020. The Inner Circle is a private community for PTYA graduates and has a $50 a month membership fee.

*Note: The GBP to USD exchange rate used is the rate during the filming of the video on December 15, 2020 (approximately 1.34 GBP to 1 USD).

According to an article by Better Marketing, Ali also earns passive income through Amazon. He did not particularly specify Amazon on his “How Much I Earned in 2020” video since, as the article says, it’s “only” $71 a week. Additionally, Ali has a company called 6Med which earns $369 weekly or about $19,188 a year. 

Therefore, Ali Abdaal’s 2020 income is estimated at:

  • $29,614 (doctor salary)
  • $134,931 (YouTube ad revenue)
  • $177, 511 (affiliate income)
  • $182,240 (sponsorships)
  • $469,000 (Skillshare royalties)
  • $294,800 (Part-Time Youtuber Academy – online course)
  • $71,020 (private community for his online course students for $50 per month)
  • $19,888 (6Med)

= roughly $1.4 million.

In 2021, Ali is off to a great start! His average views are around 192,301 per day for the last 30 days measuring it at March 21, 2021.

If we do quick math and multiply that number by 365, we have around 70 million views in 2021.

So his estimated YouTube ad-revenue based upon his current views is (70,000,000 ፥ 1,000) * $2,45 (RPM) = $171,500 YouTube ad-revenue for 2021. In 2020, his YouTube ad revenue was $134,931.

Andrei Jikh ($1,739,826 in 2020)

In 2020, Andrei made a total of $663,304 in YouTube ad revenue from 50.4 million views. That’s a $13.16 per 1,000 views (RPM).

Andrei Jikh How Much Money I Made In 2020
Source: Andrei Jikh

Andrei also has other income sources.

His Patreon income was $176,793.

Andrei’s sponsorship income was $0. He explains many companies reached out to him, but he declined all of them. He doesn’t want to feel obligated only to say positive things. He wants to be truthful to his audience and have THEIR best interest at heart instead of just taking the money. It’s not that he doesn’t accept sponsorships, but apparently, he’s still waiting for the right company to cross his path.

Andrei’s affiliate income was $872,174+$18,555 = $890,729.

Andrei also launched his online course on how to be successful as a YouTube creator, but there aren’t any figures available since he launched it in late 2020.

So, in 2020, in total, he made: 

  • $663,304 in YouTube ad revenue
  • $176,793 in Patreon income
  • $890,729 in affiliate income

In total, for 2020, that’s roughly $1,739,826.

I haven’t done a full income stream breakdown for the YouTubers listed below. I only show the YouTube ad-revenue, RPM, and views. Please let me know in the comments below which YouTuber you would like to me do a full breakdown on.


Ben Sullins – $6.13 per 1,000 views

  • $6.13 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Ben Sullins 
  • $76,287.04 total YouTube ad revenue in 2020
  • 12.5M views in 2020
Ben Sullins How Much YouTube Paid Me for 12M views in 2020
Source: Ben Sullins

Oliur / UltraLinx – $2.98 per 1,000 views

  • $2.98 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Oliur / UltraLinx 
  • $23,237.78 total revenue
Oliur UltraLinx How Much Do YouTubers Make 2020 Revenue
Source: Oliur / UltraLinx

The Come Up – $6.80 per 1,000 views

  • $6.80 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • The Come Up
  • $28,485.10 total revenue
The Come Up How Much Youtube Paid Me in 2020
Source: The Come Up

Not Even French  – $2.51 per 1,000 views

  • $2.51 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Not Even French
  • $9,010.65 total revenue
Not Even French How Much YouTube Paid Me in 2020
Source: Not Even French

Biaheza – $16.09 per 1,000 views

  • $16.09 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Biaheza
  • $490,211.62 total revenue
Biaheza How I Started The Highest Paid Youtube Channel
Source: Biaheza

Adam J Bell – $3.00 per 1,000 views

  • $3.00 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Adam J Bell
  • $1,797.99 total revenue
Adam J Bell Exactly HOW MUCH YouTube PAYS me
Source: Adam J Bell

Peng Joon – $5.46 per 1,000 views

  • $5.46 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Peng Joon
  • $5,267.71 total revenue
Peng Joon How Much YouTube Pays Me for 100,000 Subscribers
Source: Peng Joon

Shimmy Morris – $15.67 per 1,000 views

  • $15.67 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Shimmy Morris
  • $20,366.65 total revenue
Shimmy Morris How Much Youtube Paid me in 2020
Source: Shimmy Morris

The Money Resolution – $8.05 per 1,000 views

The Money Resolution Revealing How Much Money I Made on YouTube in 2020
Source: The Money Resolution

Oli Abbas- $5.92 per 1,000 views

  • $5.92 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Oli Abbas
  • $7,833.35 total revenue
Oli Abbas How Much MONEY YouTube PAID ME In 2020
Source: Oli Abbas

Josh Burns Tech – $9.42 per 1,000 views

Josh Burns Tech How Much Money YouTube Pays Me
Source: Josh Burns Tech

Karsa – $2.45 per 1,000 views

  • $2.45 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Karsa
  • $6,102.04 total revenue
Karsa How Much YouTube Paid Me In a Year
Source: Karsa

Sonali – $4.96 per 1,000 views

  • $4.96 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Sonali
  • $4,591.48 total revenue
Sonali How Much YouTube Paid Me in 2020
Source: Sonali

By Brianna Nichole – $4.90 per 1,000 views

How much money YouTube paid me in 2020
Source: byBriannaNichole

Greg Snell – $8.32 per 1,000 views

  • $8.32 (RPM) per 1,000 views.
  • Greg Snell
  • $246.19 total revenue
Greg Snell How much MONEY YouTube pays me
Source: Greg Snell


In the image below you can see how the revenue of Kurzgesagt’s YouTube channel is distributed.



I see 3 common threads in the most successful YouTubers:

1 – Make your videos at least 8 minutes long.


Because if your videos are 8+ minutes long, you can add YouTube ad breaks in your video and that will increase your ad revenue.

2 – Focus on multiple income streams.

Most successful YouTubers don’t make most of their money from YouTube ad revenue. Instead, they make most of their money from either affiliate income or their own products, or sponsorships.

If you don’t utilize affiliate marketing and/or making your own products you’re missing out on big money gains.

3 – Be consistent

The YouTubers that have the most loyal audience publish at least one time per week.

For more tips on how to start your YouTube channel, please check out this post.