Brevo vs tinyEmail

While Brevo’s Starter and Business plans offer more features and become more cost-effective than tinyEmail’s Standard and Pro plans at higher email volumes, tinyEmail is cheaper for up to 30,000 emails per month.
Editor’s note: We updated this information on December 19, 2023.

Brevo vs tinyEmail: Pricing

In comparing Brevo’s Starter plan and tinyEmail’s Standard plan, they have many similar features, but Brevo offers a few additional ones, making them only somewhat similar. For emails up to 30,000 per month, tinyEmail is usually cheaper. However, for monthly volumes above 70,000 and up to 1 million emails, tinyEmail often costs more. Notably, Brevo’s second-tier Business plan becomes more cost-effective than tinyEmail’s first tier ans second tier after 300,000 emails per month. Given that Brevo’s Business plan includes many more features, it appears to be a better choice.

Check out Brevo’s website (+ free plan)

Check out tinyEmail’s website (+ free plan)

Different plans Brevo

  • Free plan (forever free)
  • Starter (starting from $25/mo)
  • Business (starting from $65/mo)
  • Enterprise (starting from $1,000/mo)

Brevo prices (Starter – Tier 1)

Here’s a table showing the prices for Brevo’s Starter plan, their first tier option. It includes the monthly cost for those who opt for the annual plan, which gives you a 10% discount. The Starter tier from Brevo allows unlimited contacts and up to 100,000 emails per month. If you need to send more than 100,000 emails, you’ll need to move up to their Business tier, which is the next level of paid plans.

Max emails/moPrice/moAnnual billingMax contacts

Brevo prices (Business- Tier 2)

Here’s a table detailing the prices for Brevo’s Business plan, their second tier option. It also includes the monthly cost for those who select the annual plan, providing a 10% discount. The Business tier from Brevo allows for unlimited contacts and up to 1,000,000 emails per month. Note that if your needs exceed 100,000 emails, upgrading to this Business tier is necessary.

Max emails/moPrice/moAnnual billingMax contacts
1,000,000+Custom pricingCustom pricing

Different plans tinyEmail

  • Free
  • Standard (starting from $15/mo)
  • Pro (starting from $65/mo)

TinyEmail Standard prices (tier 1)

Here’s a table showing the prices for tinyEmail’s Standard plan, their first tier. The table includes the monthly cost for the annual plan, which gives a 20% discount. In the fourth column of the table, you can see the maximum number of emails that can be sent with this plan.

ContactsPrice/moAnnual billingMax emails/mo
Custom PricingCustom Pricing1,500,000+

TinyEmail Pro prices (tier 2)

Below is a table outlining the prices for tinyEmail’s Pro plan, their second-tier option. It presents both monthly prices and the rates for an annual plan, offering a 20% discount. In the last column, column 4, you’ll find the maximum number of emails that can be sent with this plan.

ContactsPrice/moAnnual billingMax emails/mo
Custom PricingCustom Pricing1,500,000+

Brevo Starter vs tinyEmail Standard

Comparing the prices of Brevo Starter and tinyEmail Standard can be complex, as each software tool has its unique set of features and they are not identical products.

Key similarities between these tiers:

  • Both offer unlimited contacts.
  • tinyEmail doesn’t provides email automation and Brevo’s email automation is very limited.
  • Neither includes landing pages.

Key differences:

  • Brevo includes CRM features in its Starter tier; tinyEmail does not.
  • tinyEmail offers 24/7 chat support, which Brevo’s Starter tier lacks.
  • Brevo’s Starter tier limits you to 100,000 emails per month, while tinyEmail’s Standard tier allows up to 1.5 million emails per month.
  • Brevo generally offers more features (for details, see its pricing page).

Despite these differences, and Brevo having more features overall, let’s look at the prices.

Before diving into the price comparison, remember, email marketing is not a short-term strategy. The prices shown below are for one-year usage, including discounts for annual payments.

The horizontal line in the table represents your monthly email volume. For instance, sending 10,000 emails monthly costs $144 annually with tinyEmail and $396 with Brevo.

The graph below the table visualizes the same data. It quickly shows that tinyEmail Standard is initially much cheaper than Brevo Starter. However, there’s a significant price jump with tinyEmail as you increase from 50,000 to 70,000 emails per month, making it more expensive than Brevo beyond this point.

tinyEmail Standard$144$144$144$144$240$480$480$480$960$960
Brevo Starter$396$396$396$396$396$504$504$660$876$876

Brevo Business vs tinyEmail Pro

Comparing Brevo’s Business plan with tinyEmail’s Pro plan shows that Brevo’s Business tier has more advanced features. It offers significantly more than tinyEmail’s Pro, which makes a direct price comparison less straightforward.

The table below displays the annual prices, including discounts for tinyEmail Standard (shown in blue bars), Brevo Business (red bars), and tinyEmail Pro (yellow bars). The X-axis ranges from 100,000 to 1,000,000 emails per month.

Interestingly, even though Brevo offers more features, both tinyEmail Standard and tinyEmail Pro tend to be more expensive than Brevo in most cases.

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